4 between 7 years old

  • We developed the structure of the basic logical brain of children.
  • Skills examine.
  • We are conscious of logical concepts with player tasks.
  • "Number" will be easy concept.
  • The group work positively affects the development of children in all areas.
  • Nobody' s alone in group task, We pay attention everybody.
  • We develop skills with creative and playful tasks. Children enjoy it.

    Elementary school

      • It is a central problem that mathematical skills are eliminated from students by the 3rd grade or they associate the experience of fear and difficulty without pleasure.
      • If I begin teaching them in time, They will love maths.
      • I search one by one difficulty in their neutron network and I cure these.
      • Individual development is fast and effective.
      • We are learning creatively and playful in group.
      • The logic can be form that children are becoming good adult.
      • Those kids, who went our school with psychical hurt, They will "get well" and like the maths.


      • Developing is need more work.

      • Developing is need more work.
      • The mathematics area of ​​the mind is not function correctly.-This time students often said: " I get "A" last week, but now I don't know anything."-Teachers can not pay attention every students for close curriculum...etc. So students often stay alone.-At HerbályAttilaSchool They can use their brain.-They face their fault and discovered their talent.They work happier without command word.
      • From 9th and 10th grade students, I can make the maximum, at grade 11 and 12, who have given up, development is spectacular. ( They can do test of 98%, for which 5% of their maximum brain activity is enough).
      • Individual development is fast, happy and effective.
      • Group task is happy, smiley and playful.

      Graduation preparatory

      • Students have to prepare psychologically to the graduation.
      • If we have enough time, we we create deep knowledge. But if we don't have enough time we begin the construction to same base point, which we stabilize. As a result their achievement is multiply.
      • This section We just use maturity example. 

      USA - UK (GMAT, SAT...)

      • Hungarian educational system is weaker than Anlgo-Saxon methods. The problem is: children don't give such exercises, where they can use their brain. So they can't ask question correctly.

      • We show thinking forms and examples which based on Anglo-Saxon forms, which you can not learn in Hungary.
      • You can use these knowledge in all areas of life.


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