SAT: gateway to Harward!

How to crack it?

Although there are harder tests than this, for most people: SAT is the task has to be accomplished, in order to get into the USA university system. Is it any close to the Hungarian math tests? Not really! It is very different! But it is as easy as eating a pie. I will show it to you, but first get ourselves into it! Let see a typical SAT question:

Fifteen floorboards with equal widths laid down side to side cover a width of approximately 6 and 3/5 feet. At this rate, which of the following is the closest to the number of boards laid side-to-side needed to cover a width of 34 feet?

A ) 55

B ) 65

C ) 75

D ) 105

At first it seems wild, to a Hungarian or anyone in continental Europe.

How can I solve it? Well, actually: you don't even have to solve it! In some simple steps the right answer is in your pocket. And you are in! Inside a USA university, with all the benefits, and the resulting amount of dollars in your future pocket. Follow me! I show you the way! (Continued below)