Herbály Attila , mathematician.

 Is this who I am? Well, there are lots of mathematician doing bits of different things. Nuclear Research, rocket science ... etc.

The thing what I do is much more intriguing! My students and me are equally excited by the possibilities of learning brainwork, especially "inside mathematical brainwork" of a living mind. Thats when miracles might happens.

Since decades of practice I know for sure: constrains and learning under pressure are just impossible to provide great results!

Learning by playing our mind! teaching by goodwill! achieving common goals! These are the keywords of good teaching. That's what we do!

We are developing logical skills and building excellent brain structures. With them our students are implementing such thinking method which serve them for their whole life, certainly till the years of learning.

I became an expert of this area. 25 years passed with research in the territories of mathematical and logical development of children and students. It became to be quite a battlefield! Children and adults who lost all trust in their own capacities, sometimes shaking from fear in their souls, sometimes not knowing where to step forward have learned step by step how to use my mathematical research. Becoming able to reach their dreams: universities, degrees and most importantly knowing the fact: their brain is perfect, just never taught how to use it the right way!

My first and the most important exercise, that we are unbuilding children's self-emotional obstacle with each other. An the and he will knows. " I can do everything "

Because He can do everything .

We have to study only one thing:


I often talk to my students, that what they were learning in my lessons. Naturally they were acquiring the knowledge to the graduation, high-school and University.

Besides that?! Their soul and self-confidence are strengthened. And they discovered: Theirself.


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